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Built for  Modern logistics solutions

Regardless of the size of business, consumer expectations are continually increasing, with demands for improved speed, convenience and choice.

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MagicLogic was formed with a vision of supplying the best and most complete logistics solutions for load planning, using powerful algorithms capable of handling even the most challenging of loads.
Tim Smith
CEO @MagicLogic

The Magiclogic story so far...



MagicLogic Incorporated in Vancouver, BC



First edition of our load planning software released


First achievement

MagicLogic recognized by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 logistics IT provider


Blackbox launched

BlackBox integrated solution launched


First Partnership

Parternship with HighJump



Permanent UK office established



Tim Smith becomes president and CEO


25 Years in Business

MagicLogic celebrates 25 years in business


23 Years on Top

MagicLogic recognized by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 logistics IT provider for its 23rd year running


Installations and counting


Countries and growing


Years and still going strong

Great companies use magiclogic

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The MagicLogic difference:

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Tailored For Different Cases

MagicLogic features multiple apps, tailor-made for different industries and run scenarios.

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Built-In Database Engine

Cube-IQ has a complete database engine that allows clients to share and export the database across multiple users.

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Fully Flexible

Cube-IQ offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules, which you can define for each orientation of a box.

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Excellent Support

We provide fast phone support, software updates, and a dedicated professional team ready to help you.

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Our architecture is specifically designed to fit the bill from a single CPU to a network of servers. No additional software is required.

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Run in Your Language

Cube-IQ software runs in many languages, and additional languages can be added without the need for new software releases.

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Advanced Loading Capabilities

Cube-IQ ensures weights are automatically calculated to remain within limits, ensuring loads are legal and safe.

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Graphical User Interface

Cube-IQ has a complete user interface, with drag-&-drop to build up loading jobs, on-screen and 3D graphics.


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